Coronavirus: 11 May investment update

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Markets started the week of 4 May quite weak, but went on to a strong finish, despite the less-than-reassuring economic data releases as James Robertson explains.

7 May: the emerging storm

Rebecca Cretney flags how emerging markets may soon face huge difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic as any health systems buckle and the economy stops.

Coronavirus: 4 May investment update

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David McFadzean reviews a largely positive week (from 27 April) for markets, flagging key events and portfolio actions, and takes a look at the week ahead.

Coronavirus: 27 April investment update

David McFadzean again reviews a week (from 20 April) of mixed market sentiment, flagging coronavirus-linked news, portfolio actions and a look at the week ahead.

23 April: the oil saga continues

The news feed from the coronavirus is all consuming. As such, the oil price crisis only made headlines on Monday 20 April as Rebecca Cretney explains.

22 April: quarter end investment webinar

COVID-19:market update, portfolio positioning and what's next

David McFadzean was joined by Andrew Yeadon to talk through the main Q1 news driving markets, portfolio position changes and what could happen in Q2 and beyond.

Coronavirus: 20 April investment update

David McFadzean looks at last week’s mixed market response to more COVID-19 infections and economic data releases, while governments seek to lift lockdowns.